Bill de Blasio, Resign.

Signed, Elected Officials

Lee Zeldin NY-1 Jul 8 2020

Homicides, shootings & other crimes continue spiking in NYC. Quality of life is taking a beating, cops are being thrown under the bus, & the radical left is in charge & destroying the city. DeBlasio must be removed immediately. The city won’t make it through the rest of his term.

Carlos Menchaca 萬齊家 NYC Council D38 Jun 18 2020

Today I am introducing a resolution calling on @NYCCouncil to express a loss of confidence in the Mayor and remove him from office

Jabari Brisport🌹NY State Senate D25 Jun 5 2020

How can you side with a militarized and centuries-old oppressive institution in this country over every beaten-down working class community there is and still call yourself progressive? Screw the empty rhetoric and D next to your name, when are you going to resign @NYCMayor?

Phara Souffrant Forrest 57th Assembly District Jun 4 2020

If the mayor wants to abdicate his position of leadership, than he needs to resign so someone who actually gives a shit can take his place. I’m saying again @NYCMayor if you won’t stand with the people then you need to stand down. (3/8)

Eric Ulrich NYC Council D32 Jun 4 2020

I just woke up & NYC is still smoldering from civil unrest. @NYCMayor has lost control of the situation. Even some of his closest allies have abandoned ship. It’s time for @NYGovCuomo to step in & remove him from office. I will be calling for a vote of no confidence @NYCCouncil

Antonio Reynoso NYC Council D34 Jun 1 2020

"The Mayor has lost control of the NYPD and he has lost the trust and faith of the people. It is time for new leaders to step forth and secure immediate changes." Full statement on the murder of George Floyd and state of policing in NYC below.

Signed, Candidates for Office

Alejandra Caraballo🇵🇷 NYC Council D35 Nov 5 2020

Absolutely. De Blasio needs to resign yesterday.

Aleda Gagarin for NYC Council D29 Nov 4 2020

The only thing that's been consistent in @NYCMayor's response to police brutality is failure. Failure at every turn to protect New Yorkers. Failure to invest OUR resources into our communities. It's hard to imagine anyone more disinterested in doing their job. He should #resign.

Whitney Hu 胡安行 NYC Council D38 Oct 2 2020

He hasn’t seen the videos. He hasn’t read the report. He is *refusing* to address police brutality. If he’s that tired of the job, @NYCMayor should resign. Then @JumaaneWilliams can do the job until 2022. 👋

George Santos NY-3 Aug 13 2020

No person let alone woman should feel frightened to go outside in broad day light! @NYCMayor #resign, you are as toxic as they come! You have destroyed the city we grew up in! #stopsocialism #takebackourcity #lawandorder #backtheblue

Shahana Hanif মুনমুন NYC Council D39 Jun 4 2020

@BkPedestrian Absolutely and everyday: And PS: the Mayor should resign

Lauren Ashcraft for NY-12🌹 Jun 3 2020

And @NYCMayor should resign.

Marti Gould Cummings NYC Council D7 May 31 2020

I am calling for - @NYCMayor @NYPDShea need to step up or step aside & resign - hold NYPD accountable - get rid of NY Law 50-a that allows police misconduct to be kept from public - fund the SYEP program - put $$$ into schools - cut NYPD budget& put $$$ toward social work

Anthony Beckford🌹NYC Council D45 May 31 2020

@NYCMayor Resign you Bigot. I want you out of office now.

Signed, The Press

Signed, Organizations of New York

People for Bernie Jun 4 2020

The NYPD created a nightmare last night. They're going to create one tonight. For many people in New York, the NYPD has created a nightmare every day of our lives. That must end. Time for @NYCMayor to resign. #DefundThePolice

The CCR May 31 2020

That Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to this weekend’s shocking displays of racist police violence with anything less than horror and immediate action to hold the NYPD accountable indicates a complete abdication of responsibility towards the people of New York City.

Empire State Indivisible May 30 2020

Tonight’s press conference was an absolute disgrace. @NYCMayor should resign. He lost interest in being the leader of this city long ago. And tonight, he showed his true colors, as he full-throatedly supported the NYPD. Step aside @NYCMayor! You are not the leader we deserve.